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Details of the Ministry of Labor’s share of the country’s economy – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr news agency, quoting the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare, Ahmad Khani Nozari said at a one-day conference of the top companies of the Ministry of Labor’s pension funds: There are 18 pension funds in the country, including three large-scale funds, including Social security is the state pension and the armed forces, which cover more than 90% of the country’s insured persons. In total, 70% of the country’s population is covered by 18 funds, and about 30% of people have not yet been covered by pension funds.

The Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs, Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare said that many pension funds have difficulty in fulfilling their legal obligations to their beneficiaries, adding that four to five funds rely on government budgets. Since 2014, the government budget to help the funds has increased from 30,000 billion tomans to 217,000 billion tomans, which indicates the growth of the funds’ dependence on the government.

Khani Nozari continued: Most pension funds are over 30 years old, among which the social insurance fund is for farmers, villagers and young nomads.

Noting that there will be a crisis in the funds in the near future, the Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs said: “The volume of expenditures in the funds is increasing day by day and resources are decreasing. Special planning must be done in this regard.”

He said: “Due to various problems in the country’s economy, the share of economic enterprises in fulfilling the obligations of funds is low and enterprises and economic companies are not in a good situation.” In this regard, measures should be taken to increase the share of funds by improving the situation of companies.

Emphasizing on maintaining the purchasing power of retirees, Khani Nozari said: “The population is aging and the number of pensioners is increasing, and we must have an accurate picture of the corporate system in the funds.”

He pointed out: The conditions of entrepreneurship in the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare have been examined separately by provinces, the volume of companies and enterprises.

The Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs, Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare, stating that economic enterprises have been inherited to the ministry in three ways, said: “Part of the companies and enterprises are new investments, part of the government’s debts in the transfer of enterprises and part of the debts of individuals.” It was real and legal, which was acquired by the funds.

He emphasized: “We have more than 600 companies in the country’s pension funds, of which this ministry is a shareholder. Over 400 companies have been transferred to the ministry as a management control, and these companies have 8% of the country’s GDP.”

Khani Nozari said: this ministry has a managerial presence in 32% of enterprises, a 44% control presence and a 24% non-management presence.

Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs of the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare pointed out: These enterprises and economic companies have invested in 35 areas of industry, which according to information in 1399, the registered capital in management control companies was 75 thousand billion tomans. In 1400, we also saw an increase in Shasta capital and the Workers’ Welfare Bank.

Khani Nozari said: Social Security Organization in 744 management control companies, State Pension Fund in 170 companies and in five holdings, Farmers, Villagers and Nomads Social Insurance Fund in 45 companies, Steel Fund in 35 companies and Future Fund in the field of construction investment. Is.

He noted: “We tried to set up information monitoring systems for businesses to manage the funds, which will help investment justice in different parts of the country.”

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