Discovery of 2 billion Tomans of coronary monopoly drugs / The main defendant was arrested

Detective Colonel Ali Valipour Goodarzi, the head of the Greater Tehran Economic Security Police, in an interview with a disciplinary reporter of Fars News Agency, announced the discovery of more than 414,000 items of monopolized drugs worth 20 billion rials.

Explaining the details of the above news, Col. Valipour Goodarzi stated: Following obtaining information about the depot and storage of significant amounts of medicine needed by coronary patients by a person in a pharmacy warehouse in the area of ​​17 Shahrivar Street, the issue is on the agenda of police officers. it placed.

He continued by pointing out that the accused, with the cooperation of his three accomplices, took the medicines needed by Crona patients out of the distribution network and sold them to patients in need at exorbitant prices by drug dealers. During a coordinated operation, the judicial authority discovered 414,421 items of drugs effective in coronary heart disease during the inspection of these places.

The head of Tehran Economic Security Police, pointing out that according to experts, the value of the discovered drugs is estimated at 20 billion rials, added: “In this regard, the main defendant in the case was arrested and the arrest of his other accomplices is on the agenda.”

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