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Exclusive Fars | Amendments to the transfer policy for cultural workers will be announced soon

In an interview with Fars News Agency, the Minister of Education, Yousef Nouri, in response to the complaints of a number of educators about the new method of transferring educators, said: The method of transferring educators has been reviewed and changes will be made in it.

He said that with the facilitation approach, this method was revised, adding: “Among the changes made is the transfer within the province, which was assigned to the general education departments of the provinces.”

The Minister of Education said: “In order to support the strengthening of the family institution, transfers were facilitated for cultural couples as well as those suffering from incurable diseases, the details of which will be announced soon.”

Regarding transfers from education to administration, Nouri said: “Until the end of June, when students are in the classroom, it is not possible to transfer education to administration because students’ rights are lost and we only have transfers from education to administration in the summer.”

The Minister of Education, stating that the reduction of years is also one of the items provided for in this regulation, added: “Amendments to the transfer method of educators will be made soon and will be notified to the general education departments of the provinces.”

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