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Ideological political actions of the capital; From holding insight courses to sending to high places

According to Fars news agency’s police reporter, Hojjat al-Islam wal-Muslimin Jafar Mohadian, head of Fateb’s political ideological organization, stated in a press conference that the political ideological organization in the armed forces was one of the initiatives of the Imam and works alongside the armed forces, according to the Supreme Leader’s statements about the political ideological organization. He pointed out and stated: Political ideology in the armed forces has duties and missions, including spiritual guidance and strengthening the religious foundation of employees and their families, and increasing insight into political issues.

Fateb’s head of political ideology stated: The ideological and political training of personnel and their families is for the political and religious growth of employees and their families. Education is one of Fateb’s ideological political measures of family upbringing and excellence.

Mohdian added: One of the measures in this direction is to send employees with their families to Atbat al-Ayat, with the planning of the head of the political ideological organization, so far, 153 families, including 425 personnel of the police commander of Greater Tehran, have been sent to Atbat and a 4% loan to These people are paid for the trip; Also, a convoy will be sent to Atbat at the end of this month.

Political Ideology Chairman Fateb noted: Sending employees to Mashhad is also one of the plans that 570 families have been sent to Mashhad with the planning of political Ideology Organization.

Hojjat-ul-Islam va al-Muslimeen Mohdian stated: Another program is to send 106 families to the holy city of Qom.

He continued: “Also, a one-week training course is held for 120 people who have direct contact with the people at the Political Ideology Training Center every week, and professors from the district and university are used in these classes.”

Regarding holding ethical meetings, he said: In this regard, classes are also held with the presence of professors. Also, in the political field, we have held meetings to enlighten employees and families. In these meetings, employees’ questions and doubts are answered in the form of questions and answers about the issues of the day; Also, in meetings, the statements of the Supreme Leader are explained to the employees.

Hojat-ul-Islam and Al-Moslemeen Mohdian stated: preparing news bulletins for different ranks of the police and holding a political awareness program for retirees and their families are other political ideological measures of the capital.

He added: Another duty of ours is to visit the families of the martyrs, and since the beginning of the year, we have visited 35 families of the martyrs.

Fateb’s political ideological leader said about Al-Hussein’s procession: On 14 June this year, a procession was started in Imam’s shrine and 47,000 people were received in those days. Also, on Ghadir Kham Eid, 35,000 people were received in Fateb’s procession in Vanak Square.

Referring to the Arbaeen procession, he said: a procession was launched by Fateb on the border of Mehran, with dimensions of two thousand meters, which was welcomed by the people in terms of accommodation and hospitality, and 90 thousand people were welcomed in this procession. The route was established and people were welcomed.

Referring to the congregational prayer, Mohdian said: Another of our actions is holding Quranic competitions in all categories.

Referring to the Vice-Chancellor of Family Cultural Affairs, he said: “Islamic lifestyle workshop is one of the other actions of this Vice-Chancellor.”

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