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It is necessary to preserve the identity and value of women in Islamic society – Mehr News Agency Iran and world’s news

According to the reporter of Mehr, Hojat-ul-Islam Mahmoud Fazlinia in the sermons of this week’s Friday prayers in the city spade Sowar stated: The Supreme Leader’s recent meetings with the House of Hazrat Ayatollah Misbah Yazdi, members of the Commemoration Staff of Lieutenant General Hajj Qassem Soleimani, and the Islamic Associations of Students in Europe Part of Different visits of His Highness crush And as eyes size It is culturally important and explanatory in the current critical time.

He pointed to the success exercise Amez Zulfiqar, the powerful army of the Islamic Republic of Iran, from the readiness of the hundred doors a hundred The armed forces of the country announced to face any violation and encroachment on territorial security.

Temporary Friday imam spade Sowar added: The armed air force, ground force and sea force of the Islamic Republic of Iran are ready to sacrifice their lives at any time, and any action against the interests and security of the Islamic sovereign Iran will result in a tooth-breaking and regrettable response.

Explaining the new American conspiracy centered on the economic war in Iraq, Fazlinia said: It doesn’t matter to the United States of America which country it wants to cripple economically and financially, because any country it wants to stop looting and bullying. Mabi America must undermine it in various ways, including with a fake economic crisis.

He continued: On this basis, the Muslim countries of the region should unite and put a common currency unit in their exchanges, this conspiracy. American_Zionist neutralize

Temporary Friday imam spade Savar reminded the interest and willingness of some friendly and neighboring countries to normalize with the usurping and fake Zionist regime and said: “dig your own graves with your own hands” slow down Because the normalization of relations with the regime fake Zionism means the gradual death of your history, civilization and government.

Fazlinia clarified: We have not forgotten that the leader of the revolution said that Israel will not see the next 25 years, and now all the evidences that are presented by the theorists themselves indicate that Israel is dying and the destruction of Israel is near. It is certain.

Referring to the recent meeting of the Supreme Leader with various groups of women, he said: “Preserving the identity and value of women in the Islamic society is an essential matter, which is the greatest good and goodness in the existence of women, and this shows the important point that there is no school like the school of Islam and Shia religion cannot maintain the status of women and mothers in society.

Temporary Friday imam spade Rider with condolences on the death anniversary of Hazrat M Albinin (s) which is named after the day of honoring the mothers and wives of the martyrs, he said: the mothers and wives of the martyrs remind us of the lesson of Prophet Ibrahim and water the tree of Islam with tears and blood in the separation of their loved ones.

Fazlinia noted: We have learned many lessons from the mothers and wives of the martyrs Am The most important of which is the lesson of sacrifice, modesty and maintaining their chastity and hijab.

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