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Launching a Digital Kindness Bag campaign / solution to help students in need

According to the social group of Fars News Agency, there is no time until the beginning of the new school year and there are always students who do not taste the sweets of having a new office, a new bag or a quality pencil; Students who do not benefit from online education on Corona days. DigiCala’s solution to help with this situation is to integrate all the needs of charities into one platform called Digi Kalamehr. Mehr Giti Non-Governmental Organization is one of these organizations that has introduced the items needed by students in the Kalamehr Digi platform in the Digital Kindness Bag campaign. The campaign is part of the large Digitica School Return Festival, which works in the area of ​​social responsibility of the festival.

Digital Kindness Bag Campaign in collaboration with Digi Kalamehr and Mehr Giti Institute

On the eve of the beginning of the new academic year, Digikala, in the framework of its new service called Digit Kalamehr, has made it possible to purchase the supplies needed by students from the Mehr Giti NGO.

The “Digital Kindness Bag” campaign is the name of a charity initiative called “Kindness Bag” by the Mehr Giti Institute, which works to create equal educational opportunities and reduce inequalities, to invite people and donors to meet their needs. School needs were met for students in less privileged areas. Now, despite the Corona and the need for online education, the plan has added the tablet to its value portfolio as a digital commodity needed for distance learning schools in Corona. In this plan, the supply and sending of tablets to these students is done along with the supply and delivery of bags, stationery and other necessary items.

Participate in the Digital Kindness Bag campaign

In Scanning Digital Kindness Bag, you philanthropists can join Digikala and give happiness to students in less privileged areas of Iran by purchasing stationery through the page of Mehr Giti Institute in Digi Kalamehr. Through this infrastructure, Digikala delivers kindness bag items to Mehrgiti for free to be sent to students in the less privileged areas of the country.

By launching the Kalamehr Digi service in order to make charitable and charitable affairs transparent and transparent, on the one hand, it has provided an opportunity for charities and people’s associations, and on the other hand, it has provided an opportunity for charitable people to identify the needs of the audience. Announce and carry out humanitarian activities with more purpose and transparency. It is worth mentioning that the profits of the goods purchased in the platform of Digi Kalamehr will be deposited directly in the Mehr Digi Kala fund and will be spent on charitable purposes on a seasonal basis.

To participate in the Digital Kindness Bag campaign, you can visit the page of the Mehrgiti Institute in Digi Kalamehr to see the needs of students’ goods and add any of the suggested items to your shopping cart. Mehr Giti Institute will distribute the purchased goods in low-income areas after your purchase and supply of the purchased goods through Digikala.

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