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“Powerful and professional police; Amin and the people” headline of the country’s new police chief

According to the police reporter of Fars news agency, Sardar Ahmedreza Radan, the commander in chief of the country’s police force, in the introduction ceremony, which was held in the presence of national and military officials in the meeting hall of the country’s police headquarters, with greetings and salutations to the presence of the blessed Imam of Asr, Arvahana Fada, and peace And mercy on Imam Rahel and the martyrs, and greetings to the wise leader and welcome to the guests present at the induction ceremony, he said: I am sincerely grateful to the Supreme Commander of the General Forces, who, with their vote of confidence, saw their soldier as worthy of shouldering the heavy burden of Faraja’s command, and to God I am humbly asking the almighty Almighty to make me successful and proud in this difficult test.

The Chief Police Commander of the country stated: We all know what a huge organization Faraja is and what a heavy mission it carries. Providing security and public comfort in this vast land, despite the shortages and basic needs, is not a small task, and I must appreciate and thank each and every dedicated police officer who has done this duty in the best way, especially the precious and beloved vector of Guard Brigadier Hossein Ashtari. and other generals and amirs who have been the helmsman of this ship in the turbulent sea of ​​the past years.

He added: “Now that the governor entrusted me with the responsibility of continuing this difficult path, I consider his ruling as a divine and people’s trust, and I must strive to implement its clause with all my might and always keep its text in mind.”

Sardar Radan clarified: I will make a pact with His Highness and with the members of our honorable nation to use what I can and by taking advantage of their guidance, support and prayers, I will provide all-round support to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Government, the Parliament, the Judiciary, and other institutions. organizations, and especially with the great effort and unrelenting efforts of Faraja employees and agents, let us expand and optimize police services to the people day by day; I pledge to willingly sacrifice my comfort for the comfort of the citizens who, according to our masters, are either my co-religionists or my kindred, and in any case, they deserve respect and fairness.

The country’s chief police officer stated: Imam Rahal is indeed the Rashid nation of Iran, unique in history, and they were called the guardians of the authorities. We believe that no one is outside the umbrella of Faraja’s support and service, and comfort and peace is the most important right of all citizens of any orientation and creed, and we consider ourselves obligated to provide and protect this God-given right.

Sardar Radan added: “The shadow of Faraja’s mercy is spread everywhere and over every Iranian, and the hand of his authority is the defender of the rights of a nation that deserves all sacrifices and sacrifices.”

He stated: the hasty and wise movement towards the realization of a powerful and professional police; Amin and the people are the main goals of me and my colleagues in this period of responsibility.

Stating that we have clear plans and needs for this godly jihad, he emphasized on the most important ones and said: loving and round-the-clock service to all citizens, speed and quality of police services, continuous formulation and implementation of professional ethics standards and respect for clients. Respect for privacy and national values, continuous and purposeful communication with public opinion, and the use of elites and intellectuals, including some cases of advanced programs.

He added: Respecting the priorities and urgency in missions and services, decisively dealing with social insecurity and micro and macro crimes, opening up the field of innovation, innovation and brave decisions are among the other programs of my term of office.

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