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Professional qualification is the most important criterion for selecting brokers

According to Fars news agency’s urban group, Lotfolah Faruzandeh announced this in the non-cash debt settlement meeting of Tehran Municipality, which was held in the presence of senior managers of the deputy area, financial deputies and heads of real estate in the 22 districts of Tehran metropolis, and added: the settlement of contractors’ debts with respect They are the most important priority of the Finance and Urban Economy Vice-Chancellor, and according to this, with the plans made by the relevant general departments and the Real Estate Organization, we are trying to pay the debts of the contractors more quickly.

Referring to the indicators of brokerage companies and their professional qualifications, he stated: dependence on financial institutions or banks present in the country, having cash and non-cash financial power, as well as the necessary interaction and cooperation with the new approval of non-cash sources and expenses. Criticism as well as agreements of Tehran municipality are among the indicators of brokerage companies.

The vice president of finance and urban economy of Tehran Municipality, emphasizing the realization of a part of the municipality’s non-cash resources by the end of January and continuing to follow up to realize as many of these resources as possible, stated: Considering the plan we have for the realization of non-cash resources and also based on Note 29 that The council has given us its permission, we are trying to realize the non-cash sector as well.

He emphasized: Non-cash resources should be expertized and expert measures and consultations with Shahr Bank and contractors are being carried out in order to reach a result in the realization of part of the non-cash resources.

Referring to the approach of the last days of the year, the vice president of finance and urban economy of Tehran Municipality said: The priority of the city management is to pay the debts of the contractors and implement the unfinished projects in the city of Tehran. Also, the annual remittances of the contractors without obligation must be determined as soon as possible.

He further added: In this period of urban management, by managing costs, using existing capacities in the municipality and improving processes with the help of information technology and better management of professional operations, we have been able to improve the provision, allocation and monitoring of financial resources of the municipality.

In the continuation of this meeting, Abuzar Mokhtari, CEO of Tehran Municipality’s Real Estate and Real Estate Organization, presented a report on the income performance of non-cash sources and expenses in 1401.

Emphasizing on the use of non-cash resources, he added: I hope that the non-cash discussion will be pursued in Tehran Municipality with more seriousness and diligence, and we will be able to realize the settlement of contractors’ debts with your efforts and cooperation.

This meeting was held in order to discuss and exchange opinions on solving the issues and problems of non-cash debt settlement of Tehran Municipality and to present the approaches and priorities of the Finance and Urban Economy Vice-Chancellor; Also, the general managers of financial and property affairs and treasury presented their reports, opinions and views.

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