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Revolutionary response to the negligence of officials with the right to sign is done – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr correspondent, Hojjatullah Abdolmaleki said on Friday morning at the ceremony of overhaul, operation and unveiling of new projects of Bafgh Central Iran Iron Ore Company: “My first goal of this trip is to thank the Bafgh iron ore workers and their hardworking managers.” Is what keeps this great collection afloat and a great future for it.

He also referred to the anniversary of Imam Khomeini’s demise and said: “Some cases were prominent in Imam’s thoughts and when the content analysis was done on his words, the most repetition of the word and group by him was” people “.

Abdul Maleki stated: Imam’s mind is full of the idea of ​​serving the people, which comes from the school of Islam, in which the people are the main guardians of the rule.

The Minister of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare continued: “From the point of view of the religious leaders, after the duties, the greatest action is to serve the people, and the late Imam also entered the struggle on this basis and dedicated himself to the people.”

Abdul Maleki said: the main element is still the people and the people’s government was formed by the will of these people and in order to achieve its goals to serve the people, it does not know day and night.

He continued: “The focus of work in the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare is the people, which in our opinion is the Ministry of People because it is the most social ministry and in this ministry, four areas of people’s lives are targeted, including work and employment, quality And labor relations, the field of the future and the welfare of the people with the focus on eliminating poverty and providing services to the vulnerable and the field of people’s property and the proper management of public assets by the funds.

Abdul Maleki added: “In this regard, we have tried to put creative, young and revolutionary forces in power, and now 600 appointments have been made in this ministry at various levels, most of which are young, professional, faithful and revolutionary, and despite their youth, are experienced.” .

He said: “The result of these appointments in this short period of time is a female record in many productions, and this is a hope that has been created based on the real capacities of the society, and we are pleased to have appointed a team as manager until the second half.” The step of the revolution can serve.

Abdul Maleki continued: “One of the serious and basic measures that was done during this period was to improve the management system and create transparency and fight corruption, and sometimes a small incident can cut off many dirty hands.”

He added: “One of these companies used to buy feed from the central iron ore through several intermediaries, and instead of interacting with each other, they considered several intermediaries that they used unjustly.”

Abdolmaleki continued: “Appointments were made that were able to cut off the intermediaries by communicating, and of course those companies do not remain silent.”

He added: “The issue of transparency can sometimes be in the interest of the people with a small move, and this has increased by eliminating some intermediaries and increasing the benefit of these companies, both of which benefit steel retirees.”

The Minister of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare stated: The second step of the Islamic Revolution in various fields will surely be a brilliant period.

Regarding the Central Iron Ore Company of Iran, he called it one of the greats of Iran’s industry and steel and said: “We should not pay attention to this mine and this region as it should be, and stay here and settle in a situation where one of the absolute advantages of our country is mining.” , Is not acceptable.

Abdul Maleki called the negative growth rate unfortunate for the city and said: “This mining area has become a place to extract raw materials and develop other places, and this is while financial resources are available, and this is happening only in the shadow of negligence.” has fallen.

He said: “If we say that the sale of raw materials is not desirable for the whole country, we can define it in a regional comparison, and this should be done with a view to profitability in investment.”

Abdul Maleki said: “Central Iron Ore today, with the support of the powerful hands of this region, will start another ring in the region, and today’s exploitation will significantly help the country’s steel field, and this move is a happy move for Central Iron Ore, Bafgh and Yazd province and the whole steel industry of the country.

He added: “Of course, there is no obligation to supply raw materials to other regions, but this is a happy event for the entire steel industry.”

Abdolmaleki emphasized: “In this process, we do not accept the mazes and administrative stone-throwing and we are sure that despite the governor of Yazd, which the cabinet team voted for with confidence, we will not have this problem in Yazd province.”

He added: “If the intention of some people is to throw stones, we will deal decisively and the boss and manager do not have the right to throw stones because he has the signature.”

Abdul Maleki emphasized: All the officials who have the signature will be dealt with revolutionary if they want to be careless and waste their time, and it does not matter at all whether they left the previous government or were appointed to the current government, and this is always emphasized by the president. have been.

He added: “We in the Ministry of Cooperation, Labor and Social Welfare and in the government declare that the decisions made in the provinces are 100% supported by us.”

Referring to the 57% increase in workers’ wages, Abdul Maleki said: “This increase is in the interest of the workers and in the interest of production, and it is absolutely the right of the workers, and we are still ashamed of the workers.”

Referring to the attack on this plan, he added: “We must look at this issue from a human point of view and human conscience, and the total increase for the minimum wage earners will not even reach 2 million and 400 thousand tomans, and this objection is really stingy.” Is.

Abdul Maleki added: “The vast majority of fair employers have implemented this increase and I, on behalf of the workers, appreciate them and know that this measure will undoubtedly be effective in increasing production and improving the quality of their products.”

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