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Shad Network becomes a place to introduce startups – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr news agency, Yousef Nouri, the Minister of Education, attended a meeting of the Education Governorate in Tarbiat Technologically Which was held in Shahid Bahonar Camp in Tehran, congratulating the Decade of Dignity, said: There are three important and crucial migrations in the history of Islam. The first is the emigration of Prophet Mohammad (ص) It was from Mecca to Medina that he founded Islam and preached the religion of Islam. The second migration, the uprising of Imam Hussein (ع) It was that emigration to Karbala established the religion of Islam. The third is the migration of Imam Reza (ع) It was Iran that led to the development and spread of Islam in Iran and then around the world.

He added: The methods of struggle of the founder of the Islamic Revolution are also taken from the life of Hazrat Reza (ع) Was; Because that Imam trained people and then sent them to different places so that in addition to propagating the religion, they would also practice oppression. Therefore, the Imam (ra) also trained people during their struggles and then sent them to different places to deal with oppression in addition to enlightenment. Martyr Soleimani also continued the path of Imam Khomeini (RA) by networking, so he created groups such as Zeinabian, Fatemiun, Heydarian and در in Islamic countries.

Nouri said: “Our educational system has been attacked various times over time, most of which were by people who did not believe in public education, and now the effects of these people can be seen in the body of education.” These people are always trying to deny the governance dimension of education.

The Minister of Education stated that the field of education Technologically There is, but the precondition for doing so is to strengthen the governance dimension of education, he said: with the movement of education, development and progress is created, so education should be the center of development activities in the country.

Babian said that the field of emergence, emergence and discovery of students’ talents should be identified: the best content for students is the simplest of them, so the best content for students should be prepared and presented using research and communication between different sciences.

Emphasizing the use of combined models of education, he continued: “Training courses should be offered to teachers and the attraction of these courses should be such that teachers welcome the training courses.” In the area Technologically Teachers should be trained at the national level and distributed at the provincial level using networking, and these teachers should train teachers at the provincial level, and the networking method should continue to the lowest level. In this case, the capacity of teacher training centers should be used for networking. کرد.

He emphasized the issuance of valid certificates for in-service training and said: “Special trainers should be trained in the field of technology and educational achievements in this field should be introduced using the capacity of exhibitions, research centers and educational centers.”

The member of the cabinet of the people’s government emphasized on using the capacities of Shad network and said: Shad network should be a place to introduce startup up I see And any activity in cyberspace should be introduced in this network.

In the end, he said: the ruling base of education in education TechnologicallyIs the most important camp that we have in education, of course, the results of the activities of this camp are in the form of software and it takes time to determine the results of these activities.

It is worth mentioning that the development of maximum educational coverage and elimination of shortcomings in providing basic services to schools with methods based on Technologically Among the strategies of the education governing body in education Technologically Is.

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