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The city administration has decided to solve the problems left over from the past. Municipal agreements are important events

According to the Fars correspondent, Habib Kashani, a member of the Program and Budget Commission of the Islamic Council of Tehran, in response to a report submitted by Alireza Zakani regarding the signing of a memorandum of understanding between municipalities and ministries, said: Today, a memorandum of understanding is being concluded with various ministries and organizations, and not only do we oppose it, but we also agree to solve the problems of the people.

He added: “Action should have been taken to solve the problems that have plagued the people for years.” The issues pursued under the MoUs as well as the implications of the MoUs should be clear.

He stated that the powers of the parties should be specified in the memorandums, noting: “My request to the mayor is to correspond with the board before concluding the memoranda, so that memorandums can be concluded with the expert opinions of the commissions that the people like.” To sweeten. People should know that this council and municipality have decided to solve problems that no one has been able to solve.

Kashani continued: If the members are informed, time will be accelerated. Because time is important to us and these memoranda are important events, we demand that the council be a beacon to the municipality.

“Our job is not to run a hospital, and if we can, we can negotiate with 20 hospitals so that the second and third phases can be set up so that we can be a shareholder in them,” he said.

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