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The director general of the education office of the first secondary school was appointed – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr news agency, quoting the information and public relations center of the Ministry of Education, in the text of Yousef Nouri’s sentence addressed to Hamid Yazdani, it is stated: Dear Deputy of Secondary Education, you are appointed as the “General Manager of the Office of Secondary Education”.

It is hoped that by relying and trusting in the presence of God Almighty, following the menus and demands of the Supreme Leader and following the policies and programs announced by the Supreme Minister, observing the principles of “justice-oriented”, “revolutionary”, “democratic”, «Purity And Anti-corruptionAnd the “rule of law” of a popular, successful government Confirm Be.

It is expected that, taking into account the provisions of the second step statement, in particular the clauses “Science and Research”, “Spirituality and Ethics” and “Justice and the Fight against Corruption”, a description of the duties of the Office of Education Documents and Laws in the field of secondary education Take care of the following with a transformational approach.

Providing quarterly and continuous reports of the processes and results of the actions I emphasize.

Cooperation, coordination and effective interaction with the deputy offices and other departments of the relevant ministry with a transformational, forward-looking approach in order to achieve the goals of upstream documents, especially skills training, access to education and continuous improvement of its quality;

Fostering the spirit of thinking, reasoning, questioning, research, creativity and innovation in order to develop students’ participation in the production of science and technology;

Development of entrepreneurial culture, innovative, scientific, research and skills training activities of students through strengthening and proper implementation of “Work and Technology” and “Culture and Art” courses;

Planning to help identify, identify students’ talents and interests, and achieve the desired academic guidance process;

Development of annual plans based on performance, comprehensive monitoring and systematic evaluation of programs with a quality assurance approach in order to achieve development plans with respect to financial and credit transparency;

Youthism and using the capacity of committed, professional, revolutionary and transformational youth in undergraduate positions with a succession approach and considering knowledge management;

Training and promotion of specialized and professional skills of related human resources, especially teachers and empowerment of school principals;

Planning to create an equal share of education

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