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The northern part of Tehran will be seriously violated

According to Fars News Agency’s urban group, Fardad Adalatkhah, the head of Tehran Municipality’s District One, said: “Municipalities, in addition to implementing development projects, including the construction and development of roads and providing urban services and infrastructure facilities within the framework of their legal duties, control and supervise the construction of any They are in charge of construction and other measures related to development within the city limits, as well as a part of the immediate lands around the city limits (privacy), in this regard, follow-up measures in zone one in order to prevent the violation of public rights. The city is within range and is running continuously.

Explaining these measures, he said: removing the violation and collecting the fence from a large garden in the lands of Sohanak neighborhood, at the end of Bidestan Street, which was fenced with barbed wire and a wooden fence, and also removing the violation of building a 9-square-meter room in The area between Sutar Tala and Gordeneh Ghoochak has been one of the recent executive actions of this department in cooperation with the municipality of District Ten.

Referring to the protection of rivers, he added: preventing and eliminating violations of the construction of stairs to access the river on Sarband Street, next to Safa restaurant due to the dangers that this action entails, as well as eliminating violations of the construction of sheds on the street The patience of Golabdereh neighborhood has been one of the recent actions of the privacy department in cooperation with the municipality of District 3, District One.

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