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Witness schools have a good capacity to advance the goals of the second step of the revolution – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr news agency, quoting the information and public relations center of the Ministry of Education, Yousef Nouri said in a meeting to review the proposals of the plan and program council of the Martyr Foundation, which was held in the meeting hall of the minister’s office: The Martyr Foundation should influence the cultural approach of the control schools.

He added: it is necessary; By increasing the admission capacity of students in the control schools and considering the privilege for the students belonging to the families of martyrs and martyrs, we will provide the conditions for more admission of these students in the control schools.

The Minister of Education pointed out: The martyrs and martyrs have endured many hardships for the security of society and the preservation of values; Therefore, we should not be strict in admitting their families in these schools.

He continued: “Democratizing the control schools” and using public participation should be on the agenda of these schools so that parents become more connected with the school.

Nouri emphasized on strengthening the technical and vocational disciplines in the control schools and specified: According to the document of fundamental change, every knowledge Learn During his studies, he must learn at least one skill, so in technical areas, vocational technical and vocational schools should be established.

He pointed out that we should try to develop the different talents of the students of the control schools, noting that the development of technical, vocational and vocational schools in talented areas can help us identify the talents of the students and nurture them.

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The Minister of Education said: “Schools are witnessing one of the valuable achievements and blessings of the Islamic Republic; Therefore, this type of school has a high capacity in advancing the goals of the document of fundamental change and the statement of the second step of the revolution.

The member of the cabinet of the people’s government emphasized on the development of entrepreneurship and specified: land management is an important and necessary thing in the establishment of schools, and in the discussion of entrepreneurship, pre-school education should be provided.

Referring to the orders of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution (Modzaleh) العالیRegarding the training of Quranic readers and memorizers, he said: “Schools are witnessing a favorable position for the realization of this issue and the institutionalization of Quranic culture in society.”

Mohammad Reza Razaghi, Director General of Witness and Veterans Affairs, stated in this meeting: There are 1,356 Shahed schools operating in the country this academic year, of which 664 are girls ‘schools and 692 are boys’ schools.

Razzaqi continued: There are 405,426 students in these schools Learn With a density of 28%, they study in 14,494 classrooms.

He added: “According to the statement, the second step of the school revolution is a witness to the achievements of the revolution that we tried to manage these schools based on the document of fundamental change.”

Razzaqi pointed out: Empowering the principals of Shahed schools has been on the agenda since 1995, and in this regard, our educational workshops have always been active.

He spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was not the answer.

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